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   Proposal for a classification of your animations  


Proposal for a classification of your animations

	 Technical exercises
	 Tactical games
	 Small-sided games

 Physical  Speed  Coordination  Speed and coordination
 Technical  First touch  Balls on the ground  90 degree turn  180 degree turn  Moving  Balls in the air  Change of direction  Control + Pass  Control + Shot  Trapping  Dribbling  Dribbling  Dribbling + Shot  Dribbling course  1 vs 1 moves  Cuts  Fakes  Pullbacks  One touch play  One touch pass  One touch pass and shot  Heading technique  Heading technique  Attacking heading  Volleying  Long passing and crossing  Defensive techniques  Interception  Tackling
 Tactical  Creating space  Keepaway  Games  Team keepaway  Game condition  Decision making in the 3 zones  1vs1 2vs2 3vs3  1vs1 game  2vs2 game  3vs3 game  Team shape  Speed of play  Direction of play  Small-sided games  Keepaway  Games  Creating width  2vs1 attacking  2vs1 situations in front of the goal  2vs1 game  1vs1 2vs2 2vs3 defending  1vs1 defending  2vs2 defending  2vs3 defending
 Game  First touch  1vs1 moves + 1vs1  Speed of play  Crossing and finishing  Creating space  Direction of play  Creating width  Defending  Free play
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