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Soccer club, high school, college ? This software is made for you !

With Soccer-Animation, « Your players are alive ! »

Offer it now to your coaches and trainers.
Effective and easy to use,
Soccer-Animation will quickly become indispensable !

      Soccer-Animation is a new soccer coaching software made for soccer coaches.
  This software will allow you to animate your training drills, games, plays and set plays (free-kick, corner-kick, etc.).
  This tool is complementary to your books or software using diagrams with arrows.
Players and balls are moving for a better understanding.

  The main features of Soccer Animation are :

 - its practical side...

   - create animated soccer drills and games
   - visualize drills and games before setting them up at the training session
   - introduce animated drills to your players
   - a real interactive blackboard
   - analyze plays order to :

   - optimize individual moves of players and team shape
   - study plays
   - introduce your training sessions to your team
   - work on the tactical side in a realistic and objective way
   - prepare matches better : plays, combination play, set plays, team shape, etc.

 - its simplicity :

   - easy to use
   - fun
   - nice
   - fluidity of moves
   - animated drills give a better understanding and is complementary to your diagrams using arrows
   - a better understanding of the drills because of the player's moves
   - pre-made animated drills are available

 - and more :

   - save drills on your computer and organize them the way you want
   - possibility to classify animations to have a real library of drills and games
   - unlimited modification of the animation you create
   - different kind of field : full, half, small sided

      Soccer-Animation has been made to help out every coach : wether you are a computer expert or a beginner.

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